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Stink-Free Composting

Composting can have many benefits, including adding nutrients to your garden, retaining soil moisture, reducing landfill use, and carbon sequestration. But, many people worry that starting a compost can lead to a smelly mess. Follow these simple steps to make…

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If you’re looking to conserve water on your property, consider xeriscaping. Xeriscaping (pronounced zeer-i-scaping) is a type of landscaping that uses smart planning and drought tolerant plants for water-use efficiency.  There are many benefits to xeriscaping including, reducing residential water…

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Reduce Boat Speed Near Shore

This conservation tip of the week is simple, easy, and very effective. Reduce your boat speed near shore. Operating a boat along shorelines, at even moderate speeds, can erode the bank and cause sedimentation of water. As your boat moves…

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Conservation at Kalispell Kreamery

With the sun shining and the scent of alfalfa drifting through the air, members of National Association of Conservation Districts (NACD) and National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) stood outside the barns of Kalispell Kreamery on the Hedstrom Dairy. Our tour…

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