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Now Is The Time To FireWise Your Property

Now is the Time to FireWise Your Property

Don’t wait until it’s too late – make sure your property is FireWise before wildfire season starts. With high temperatures and dry winds, fire season will be here before we know it.

Not all wildfires are bad. In fact, many of our native plant species require wildfire to sustain healthy populations. Wildfires can help cycle nutrients in our soil, create openings in forest canopies, and provide wildlife habitat. The Flathead Valley is characterized as having a mixed-severity fire regime where wildfires have historically ranged from low-severity to high-severity, depending on the accumulated fuels and seasonal weather.

If the area surrounding your home has thick vegetation that could fuel a spreading wildfire, your property could experience more severe impacts, including damaged timber and structure loss. Don’t risk your property and don’t risk the lives of firefighters – create defensible space today. Click the links below to learn how.

FireSafe Montana 

Montana DNRC – Determine your property’s wildfire risk 

FireWise USA

Ready, Set, Go! – Defensible Space

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