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Order Your Spring Seedlings!

Order Your Spring Seedlings!

Do you need tree or shrub seedlings for next spring’s conservation project?

We partner with the DNRC Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery (MCSN) to facilitate conservation-related seedling orders for small landowners in Flathead County. Smaller landowners (≤10 acres) who wish to plant seedlings for conservation practices but cannot meet the MCSN minimum order size of 250 seedlings may qualify for this program.

This program is strictly limited to landowners who are planting seedlings to accomplish conservation practices not ornamental plantings for landscaping.

Examples of conservation practices include: windbreaks, shelter belts, wildlife habitat enhancement, reforestation or re-vegetation after fire or other disturbances, riparian habitat improvement, erosion control, noise and visual barriers, or living snow fences. A Conservation Plan must accompany each order, and the plan must be approved by the Conservation District staff before the order will be submitted.

Order deadline: February 28, 2018
Visit our Seedling page for more information and for the order form
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Learn more about our Cost-Share Program which is available to assist private landowners with conservation projects in Flathead County. FCD will fund 75% of the allowable project cost up to a maximum of $5,000. Project ideas include: bridge/culvert replacement, riparian buffers, wetland restoration, livestock fencing, forest stand improvement, pest/weed control, windbreaks, and water gaps. Application deadline is May 31, 2018.

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