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A local landowner used funding from the Cost-Share Program to purchase plants and materials to establish a riparian buffer on Rose Creek.

We partner with the DNRC Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery (MCSN) to facilitate conservation-related seedling orders for small landowners in Flathead County. Smaller landowners (≤10 acres) who wish to plant seedlings for conservation practices but cannot meet the MCSN minimum order size of 250 seedlings may qualify for this program.

This program is strictly limited to landowners who are planting seedlings to accomplish conservation practices. Examples of conservation practices include: windbreaks, shelterbelts, wildlife habitat enhancement, reforestation or re-vegetation after fire or other disturbances, riparian habitat improvement, erosion control, noise and visual barriers, or living snow fences. A Conservation Plan must accompany each order, and the plan must be approved by the Conservation District staff before the order will be submitted.

If you want to purchase seedlings for landscaping purposes, please visit your local private nursery or garden center.

If you want to order 250 seedlings or more, please contact the MCSN directly.
                              Phone: 406-542-4244

To order seedlings through our Seedling Program:

1. Check availability and pricing. You can find the MCSN’s inventory on their website, and you can call them if you have questions about availability or pricing (406-542-4244). All orders must follow the lot numbers offered by MCSN. Bare root stock seedlings come in lots of 50 while container seedling lot numbers depend on the container size (see order form)

2. Develop your Conservation Plan. Read and complete the entire order form, including the Conservation Plan on page 2. Your plan must be detailed and show exactly how the planting is a conservation practice. All orders placed through the Flathead Conservation District must have their Conservation Plan approved by Conservation District staff.

3. Submit your order to the Flathead Conservation District. We accept orders from September 1 through February 28th of each year. Payment must be received in full at the time of your order (checks made payable to Montana State Treasurer). We encourage you to order early to ensure that the seedlings you want are still in-stock. Please mail your order or bring it by our office (133 Interstate Lane; Kalispell, MT 59901).

4. Questions about ordering? Please call the Flathead Conservation District (406-752-4220) if you have questions about ordering or need help downloading the forms.

5. Seedling pick-up. The seedlings will be delivered to Kalispell in mid-April. We will notify you well in advance of the pick-up day and time so you can plan accordingly. If you cannot make the scheduled pick-up, you should arrange for someone else to pick them up for you because we do not have adequate storage for the seedlings.

Seedling Order Form

Native Grass Seed Mix

We collaborated with the NRCS and CHS Kalispell to develop three native grass seed mixes specifically for use in the Flathead Valley. These mixes are available at CHS Kalispell.

  1. Valley Mix
    30% Bluebunch Wheatgrass, 30% Green Needlegrass, 25% Slender Wheatgrass, and 15% Western Wheatgrass
  2. Forest Mix
    40 % Mountain Brome, 35% Bluebunch Wheatgrass, 15% Western Wheatgrass, and 10% Rough Fescue
  3. Reclamation Mix (suitable for streambank seeding projects)
    40% Streambank Wheatgrass, 35% Thickspike Wheatgrass, and 25% Slender Wheatgrass

All of the seed mixes should readily establish in Flathead County on sites with silty and loamy soils. We recommend that landowners research the soil types in the area they wish to seed.

Custom seed mixes can also be developed; please contact NRCS (752-4242) for recommendations.

For best results, we recommend preparing the site, setting seed well, and mulching.

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