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Appointed Supervisor, Whitefish (term expires December 31, 2019)

What is your professional background?

After graduation from high school, I attended Washington and Lee University and received a B.A. Degree in History and Spanish in 1971. Three years later I graduated from Emory University Law School. In September, 1974 I entered on active duty in the United States Army and served 4 years, first as an Infantry Officer and then as Judge Advocate General Officer. After discharge from the Army in 1978, I returned to Atlanta, Georgia and practiced criminal defense law in private practice at the Federal Defender Program and with the DeKalb County Public Defender until my retirement in 2007.

Why do you serve on the board?

I enjoy supporting programs involving the preservation or restoration of streams including re-vegetation of riparian areas that have become damaged by poor agricultural, forestry or construction projects. It is important to me to help the public understand the purposes of the stream preservation act and to get them to understand that conforming their projects with the law is in their best interests in the long run.

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