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Camp Scholarships Available

Camp Scholarships Available

Are you considering sending your child to a natural resource camp this summer? We sponsor youth to attend local summer camps in natural resources. Submit the appropriate camp sponsorship request by May 1.

Montana Natural Resource Youth Camp

Montana Natural Resource Youth Camp is located at the Lubrecht Experimental Forest in Greenough, Montana.  Drop the Wii and get in the woods! Summer Camp in Montana for all youth ages 14-18.  A wonderful opportunity to get the kids outside where learning and recreation come together, to foster understanding and instill appreciation for the natural amenities of Montana.

MT Natural Resource Youth Camp Sponsorship Request Form

Montana Youth Range Camp

At Range Camp, campers will be introduced to 25 of Montana’s important range plants—grasses, forbs, and shrubs—and will learn about the interaction of soils, water, plants, wildlife, and livestock on the range. The camp provides an excellent opportunity for youth of varying backgrounds to become more aware of the value and potential of Montana’s rangeland. This well-organized, balanced, and educational program brings together range professionals and interested students to learn in the great outdoors. Evening programs and activities allow campers an opportunity to meet new friends and develop lasting friendships.

Glacier Institute

The Glacier Institute is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to providing hands-on, field-based educational adventures in Glacier National Park and the Flathead National Forest.  Emphasizing field-based learning experiences, the Institute provides an objective and science-based understanding of the area’s ecology.

Glacier Institute Sponsorship Request Form

If you have any questions please contact Cynthia at the Flathead Conservation District’s office at (406) 752-4220.

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