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What Is A 310 Stream Permit?

What is a 310 Stream Permit?

Culverts and silt fence along stream outside Kalispell, MT

You must get a 310 permit before installing, replacing, or working on culverts in Montana streams.

In Montana, you are required to get a permit from a Conservation District if you are doing any work in or near a stream. These permits are required under the Montana Natural Streambed and Land Preservation Act, known as the 310 Law. The Flathead Conservation District administers 310 permits for the Flathead County area. There is no cost to getting a permit, but it can take 30-60 days to receive your permit.

If you own property along a waterway, this law applies to you. Realtors, developers, contractors, and engineers should be aware of this permit requirement, but it is the responsibility of the landowner to have a permit before any work is done.

Old dock on a pond with swans

310 stream permits are required for replacing docks and walkways on streams in Montana.

Projects of all types along a stream or river require a permit. This means everything from replacing a culvert to landscaping to putting in a dock or walkway. Don’t know if you need a 310 stream permit? Contact us. We’d be a happy to discuss your project with you. Or, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page form a more detailed list of example projects that require 310 permits.

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