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Reduce Boat Speed Near Shore

Reduce Boat Speed Near Shore

This conservation tip of the week is simple, easy, and very effective. Reduce your boat speed near shore.

Operating a boat along shorelines, at even moderate speeds, can erode the bank and cause sedimentation of water. As your boat moves through the water it creates a wake – resulting in unnatural waves. As the waves break on shore, they loosen shoreline sediment and transport it into deeper water or downstream. The circular motion of boat props can also create an updraft in the water, pulling sediment off the bottom towards the surface.

Our fisheries, waterfowl habitat, drinking water, and recreation areas all depend on clean and healthy waterways. By reducing your speed near shore, you prevent this type of erosion and sedimentation – thereby helping to protect our shorelines and water quality.

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For more information on Montana’s boating regulations, including no wake zones, click here.


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